Monday, September 3, 2012

Exciting Funding News!

Council Partnership Grant Approval
I'm very excited and pleased to share the news that City of Moreland Council have awarded us a partnership grant of $25,000 towards our garden project which I'm sure you'll agree is fantastic news.

Ours was one of a handful of projects to receive partnership grants and one of several involving urban agriculture or growing food which says something great not only about the rise of urban ag in Moreland but also about Moreland Council's growing receptiveness towards these kinds of activities.

Welcome to Moreland Community Gardening

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We're working together for a vibrant, sustainable network of community gardening locations in Moreland.

Our a 100% volunteer-based non-profit community group currently manages two community gardens in West Brunswick and Pentridge a food forest (also in West Brunswick).

Stop and think for 1 minute and you'll come up with at least one good reason for having community gardens all over the place. In case you don't have a minute or need some help, here are our top five!
  1. To bring people together.
  2. To hold on to Moreland's character and gardening knowledge.
  3. To provide somewhere where people can do some physical activity, relax and enjoy themselves
  4. To encourage sustainable gardening
  5. To make it easy for people to get hold of healthy locally grown food