Thursday, April 18, 2013

Compost is coming! You can help.

I mentioned the other day that we're about to start building our compost palace, a 5 bay compost complex that will eventually pump out bucketloads of black gold to sustain our food growing efforts.

We'll build it on Saturday 11th May starting at 9am. It'll probably take most of the day.

Ways you can help #1: labour
We've got an awesome plan that we think minimises the work involved but it's still going to be a big job. We need at least 6-8 people to help. Experienced or novice, all are welcome, there's a place for you in this crew.

Let us know if you're available.

Ways you can help #2: compostibles
Once we're composting, we'll take all the compostible green waste you can spare but you can start accumulating a few things now to get us going once we're operational:

  • We will need plenty of newspapers which will be ripped up and added to the vegetable waste, so don't leave that copy of the Metro on the tram. Start collecting them at home, and in time we will provide a spot for them to be neatly stored by the compost palace.  
  • Fallen tree leaves are an excellent compost resource, so if you're not going to use them at home, bag them up and bring them in.  Leaves can be stored in the spare apple crate for now (take your bags home).

Hope to see you before then but please put your hand up and mark this date in your calendar.

Cheers and keep digging!

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Stop and think for 1 minute and you'll come up with at least one good reason for having community gardens all over the place. In case you don't have a minute or need some help, here are our top five!
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