Friday, September 27, 2013

Building a greenhouse in just over a minute? No worries!

Thanks must go to the funny, hardworking, co-operative, helpful and truly AWESOME people who made time to come and help us build our greenhouse a couple of weeks back.

Watch our time-lapse video of the build. It's pretty cool.
(Thanks to Phil for working out how to do the time-lapse bit) 

Of course it wouldn't have happened in the first place without the financial support we received from Landcare as part of our Be Natural Grant as well as the funds from our Moreland City Council Partnership grant.

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We're working together for a vibrant, sustainable network of community gardening locations in Moreland.

Our a 100% volunteer-based non-profit community group currently manages two community gardens in West Brunswick and Pentridge a food forest (also in West Brunswick).

Stop and think for 1 minute and you'll come up with at least one good reason for having community gardens all over the place. In case you don't have a minute or need some help, here are our top five!
  1. To bring people together.
  2. To hold on to Moreland's character and gardening knowledge.
  3. To provide somewhere where people can do some physical activity, relax and enjoy themselves
  4. To encourage sustainable gardening
  5. To make it easy for people to get hold of healthy locally grown food