Monday, October 21, 2013

Exciting addition to this Sunday's G&G (making clay signs) and a minor whoops

We've been talking about making some signage for the communal beds to let people know what's what, what to pick and what to leave. Thanks to Susan who has been trying to get this done. Today, one of our new members got in touch today with a brilliant idea.

Sophie is a potter and also teaches hand-building and throwing. She was thinking we could make these signs out of clay, she'll then take them home, glaze and fire them for us and then we can write on the glazed surface in texta and then rub it off when you want to change the sign! Like I said - brilliant. Oh and fun.

Sophie will be coming along this Sunday to the Garden & Gather with clay, tools, a work table and we'll have a go. Everyone is welcome, kids too.

Oh and the correction I mentioned in the subject.

When I listed the different sessions we have organised over the course of each month, I made a couple of grammatical errors. It should have read:
  1. Midweek meetups - every Tuesday and every Friday 10am-12pm
  2. Sunday sessions - every Sunday (except 4th Sunday) 9am-12pm
  3. Communal Crew sessions - 2nd Sunday of every month -10am & 3rd Tuesday of every month - 7pm-8.30pm (Summer only)
  4. Friends of the Food Forest - 2nd Sunday of every month - 10am-12pm
  5. Garden & Gather - 4th Sunday of every month 11am-3pm

If you want to know more about any of these, get in touch!

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