Friday, January 3, 2014

Food Forest Fix Day (Sunday 12th)

Happy 2014! Kick off your new year by coming along to our next food forest fix session on Sunday 12th January from 10am. 

We're glad so many of you (over 30!) have expressed interest in helping to manage and develop the Food Forest. It's a volunteer project - it only happens if people help.

Before you read any further, go to your 2014 calendar and add "Food Forest" at 10am on the 2nd Sunday of each month. If you only make it every other month that's 12-18 hours of your year. Doesn't sound like much but it'll really make a difference to the food forest.

Last month's food forest working bee was, shall we say ... compact (about 5 of us) but productive (we made good progress on installing a watering system). This month we'd love more of you to come along. Whether you're in the Friends of the Food Forest or not, everyone is invited and welcome.

The more hands we have the easier it is for everyone.

Don't forget to bring gloves, a hat, sturdy footwear and something to eat.

What needs doing?

Apart from those couple of really hot days we've had, it's been a good growing season so far. 

Unfortunately this means the weeds are doing just as well as everything else and we need to get on top of them before they take over! 

We also need to water, tidy up the windfall fruit, spread a bit of mulch, tie in the grape vines and of course eat left over Christmas cake and have a cuppa.

If you haven't been to the garden or food forest for a while, come along and say hi. The Communal Crew will also be in action.

See you down there!

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Stop and think for 1 minute and you'll come up with at least one good reason for having community gardens all over the place. In case you don't have a minute or need some help, here are our top five!
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