Monday, January 19, 2015

Communal New Year

Sunday the 11th of January saw the ringing in of a new gardening year with the first Communal Crew day down at the WBCG.
Due to the great response to the weed emergency of last week, there wasn't a huge list of things to do, but as any gardener knows, once you're in the garden, suddenly more little jobs and adjustments become apparent.
 Encouraged by premium weather, compost was turned, rampant parsley and amaranth was diplomatically thinned, lettuce seeds sown, tomato seedlings planted and a bean-bed was staked.

 Cup-a-tea time was shared by a discussion about rust and a phantom tomato-wilting disease that exists in the soil. Libby diligently passed around samples of rust-effected marigolds (to be disposed off off site now) and a wasted tomato plant.
Marigold rust.
Through out the morning the harvest table was slowly added too with the end result a veritable bounty of various tomatoes, kale, zucchinis, amaranth and chinese cabbage. (See below).

We also welcomed a new comer to the garden, Jessie, who turned up just in time for cake and tomato planting.

The next communal crew day is on the 15th of February, if you feel like coming down.

The vegetable loot of hard labor. 

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