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Pentridge Community Garden

Pentridge is a new community garden within the grounds of the historic Pentridge Prison in Coburg.

The old prison site is being redeveloped for housing, community facilities: cinema, cafes, retail, artists studios. The developer, Shayher group understands that a community garden is a perfect addition to the precinct and has made a site available on the Corner of Murray Road and Stockade Avenue.

A group of local community members has come together to design, build and operate the garden. We plan to include space for fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, a community compost hub, some shade and some open space to enjoy.

Please join us and help develop our garden into a vibrant part of the Coburg community, where residents can meet, grow some food, plants and flowers, chat and enjoy some relaxing green space within the city.

Getting involved and contacting us

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What's on at Pentridge Community Garden

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Where to find us

The garden is located at the corner of Murray Road and Stockade Avenue, Coburg - opposite Coburg Lake.

The 526 and 561 buses go right past and the 530 and 534 or the No 19 tram are pretty close too.! Or you can park in Stockadedale Ave or the new side street, Moonering Drive.

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More about the garden

Is the garden open only to Pentridge residents? No! Anyone is welcome to join us.

Do I need to have gardening experience?
No! We all bring different skills to the garden and we are looking forward to learning from each other. If you would like to come along for some company and perhaps to learn a bit about gardening, that’s great!

How big will the garden be? The site is around 1500m2 of which 1250m2 is usable for gardening.

When will the garden be ready?
We will develop the garden gradually. Designing and building the first phase will happen from May to Nov 2017, but we will plant some ornamental beds along the way. We hope to be ready to plant our first food crops by Christmas 2017.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help us build it, now is the time!

Will there be allotments? We are planning to have a combination of communal gardening and personal plots with most of the garden being a communal space.

Our Organisation

Pentridge Community Garden has been established within Moreland Community Gardening inc. Moreland Community Gardening also operates the West Brunswick Community Garden, which means we can share experiences and resources. The relationship also allows us to share governance, administrative and insurance arrangements that community organisations must follow.