Ways to get involved

We're all different and we bring different interests, skills and experience to the garden.
The time we want to spend varies from person to person and it changes over time.
To accommodate these differences we've got lots of ways that you can participate at the West Brunswick Community Garden.

You can tell us how you want to be involved on our signup form but here's roughly how it works:

1. Choose which of these you'd like to be:
  • Subscriber - you'd like to know what's happening, maybe drop your compost off or help out with the food forest
  • Member - same as for a subscriber PLUS getting actively involved, growing food, helping develop/maintain the garden and food forest, have access to the garden facilities, show your support 
[Note, you'll become a member of Moreland Community Gardening inc. which equates to being a member of the West Brunswick Community Garden, at least until we have more gardens in the future]

2. As a member, you can get involved with one or both of these activities:
  • Communal Gardening: join others growing and harvesting food in the shared communal plots
  • Personal Plots: look after and harvest a plot of your own and give some of what you grow to others

What does it cost?

Annual membership costs $20 ($10 concessions).

   Personal Plots                                    Communal Gardening **
Annual Cost    1m2   2.7m2      5m2       10m2
Full    $25   $50      $65       $100      $40
Concession    $15   $25      $45       $60      $25 or pay what you can

(** If you get a personal plot, you can automatically join our communal gardening activities without paying anything extra, your plot fee will cover both.)

Getting MORE involved

We're a volunteer-run garden and organisation which means we need people to help make all this happen. If you feel you've got more to give, whether you have experience or not there are various other ways you can help:
  • Help plan and organise the communal growing areas including the Food Forest
  • Become part of the Compost Crew
  • Join the West Brunswick Community Garden Organising Committee: This group meets for a couple of hours on the 1st Thursday evening each month plus you'll spend maybe 6-8 hours on average in between meetings emailing or organising. Every now and then you'll help organise a Garden & Gather, some fundraising or another kind of activity (workshop, dance, passata day). This group takes care of the development and day-to-day running of the garden. 
  • Join the Moreland Community Gardening Board
If any of these areas are of particular interest email us.