West Brunswick Community Garden

Since 1995 (we think) there's been a community garden tucked away in Dunstan Reserve in West Brunswick. It's right beside the Food Forest that we're renovating.

In 2011 Council approached the community looking for groups who would commit to improve the garden and to get more people involved. We put our hand up and we were very fortunate to get picked.

We put forward a plan for this community garden to be a hub for the community, providing residents with an opportunity to:

  • Grow healthy, safe, affordable, organic food,
  • Share companionship, skills and knowledge,
  • Participate in and feel a part of their community,
  • Enhance their mental and physical well-being,
  • Learn to lead a more sustainable life. 
Importantly it must be financially, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Our original garden plan. Communal beds left and top with personal plots in the central area

The space is roughly split as follows:
  • ⅓ plots allocated to an individual or household, 
  • ⅓ shared but managed communal growing space, 
  • ⅓ shared facilities, e.g. compost bays, propagation area, equipment storage , learning/teaching/gathering space, paths,
The great thing about this split is that there's no limit to how many of us can be involved.

The food from the communal plots will be shared by those who share the fun of growing. Even the personal/household plots will share some of their bounty too.

We're striving for a culture that is welcoming and embraces sharing. Sharing of knowledge, food and companionship. So, get involved, meet your neighbours, get your hands dirty and help build something. Bring a friend with you. Bring your kids. There's room for everyone

Read on here for more about how you can get involved.

If you're interested in being actively involved as a communal gardener, applying for a personal plot or just want to receive our email updates about activities and progress Sign Up!

Questions? Praise? Donations (e.g. tools, plants, time, funds)? All are welcome. Drop us a note at grow.eat.moreland(at)gmail.com (you'll just need to replace the (at) with an @ symbol).