Monday, May 3, 2010

Pitch for public vegie patch (Moreland Leader, 03 May 2010, Page 7)

Well, we've gone public now, let's see what happens.....

If you're visiting us for the first time after reading the article in the Moreland Leader, welcome!

A couple of things before you click/read on:
  1. Don't let the photo put you off - we're actually normal people!
  2. The site size mentioned here is for one plot, not for the whole community garden, we expect the garden size would need to be at least a normal house block size - 400-500 square metres.

Pitch for public vegie patch
| Tessa Hoffman
Moreland Leader
03 May 2010

ANEWgroup hopes to seed Coburg with community gardens and is seeking your help. Coburg Community Garden Group has already earmarked 10 potential sites for the suburb’s first public-access community garden. Co-founder Mark Sanders said despite having more...

Community gardeners sowing the seeds of a global friendship

Moreland Leader
03 May 2010

THE first seed is yet to be planted, but that hasn’t stopped Merri Corner Community Garden going global. The garden – set to take life on a block of council-owned land in East Brunswick – has signed a ‘‘sister garden’’ resolution with the more...