Sunday, October 17, 2010

KOTA hopes for a community garden (amongst other things!)

Kids on the Avenue Children's Centre in Coburg had a battle on their hands a while back and faced closure.

Since emerging from their financial crisis the board continues to work to secure their future and one project they are looking into is the building of a community garden.

Their proposal is currently doing the rounds at MP level (Maxine Morand/Bronwyn Pike), Moreland Council have been writing letters to progress it and to try and secure a 20 year lease over the vacant land surrounding the premises.

They plan part use of the land for a community garden and part use for a new purpose built kindergarten, bigger maternal health and allied health service which would free up space in the current building so they could offer more day care. 

A proportion of the food grown there would go be used to feed the kids at the centre to whom the garden would be accessible (as well as to community gardeners).

So many benefits could flow from this including:
  • Community - building a stronger bond between the local community and the centre through gardening and food,
  • Sustainability - reducing the centre's environmental footprint,
  • Teaching kids about gardening and food -  helping kids to experience the joy of growing food that they can eat themselves and informing them about the origins of food,
  • Food security - providing kids with access to healthy, safe food.
Good luck to them with this whole enterprise!