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Friday, December 30, 2011

West Brunswick Community Garden: Now we wait....

Well, it's done.

After a flurry of activity in the last week, our Expression of Interest form for the management of the West Brunswick Community Garden has been submitted to Council.

Now we wait while a review of applications takes place and a preferred candiate is put forward to Council on 8th Feb for endorsement.

We're really excited by the possibilities that this garden represents. Fingers crossed!

If you're interested, here's an extract from the application describing how we see the garden space working.

Monday, December 19, 2011

West Brunswick Community Garden Opportunity - CCG needs you! (meeting)

Things never really go exactly as you plan and that's certainly true of our hopes of securing a vacant plot to turn into a community garden. Instead, we're presented with interesting opportunities that require us to show a bit of adaptation and creativity.

Here's the latest "interesting opportunity" to come our way: Council is seeking expressions of interest from groups like ours to manage a West Brunswick community garden that needs some care and attention.

If this garden doesn't get sorted out, it could close. That would mean two less community gardens in Moreland in the space of a year (Ilma Lever closed earlier this year). Seems we need to halt a downward trend before we can start building more spaces.

Wow. So, here's our chance! Now we need you to get involved. We need helpers and supporters.

More hands = lighter load for everyone
More supporters = better chances of success and more fun along the way

Coburg Community Gardening is well placed for this opportunity: we've been working closely with council for over a year towards securing a community garden and we already have a project underway to manage the food forest right next to this garden.

The possibilities are really exciting.

Have a look at this video and imagine a friendly, accessible, open, welcoming place where you can hang out, participate in different ways and to different degrees, that teaches skills you can use in your own garden, that contributes knowledge, plants and food back to your community, a social hub (without the American accent!).

We don't have long (only until December 30th) to respond to council so we'll meet this Wednesday at 7.30pm (location TBC) to plan our response.

We would love to see you there. Don't be shy, please come along, say hello, share your thoughts, meet people from your community who want the same things as you.

Don't wait - things like this only happen if you get involved. If you've never done something like this before, let this be the first time.

Please RSVP via our Contact Us page to confirm you can attend.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Latest news on the food forest project

Since August, we've been chipping away at the various things we needed in place to enable us to get on with the rejuvenation of the food forest.

Here's where we are right now.

To begin the real work we need a lease in place (that formalises Council's approval of our work). The special conditions for the lease are being drawn up now.

Now, to get the lease, we need insurance. To get the insurance, we needed the grant funds. We now have the funds and we're in the process of paying for the insurance so that as soon as the special conditions above are sorted out we can sign and start the gardening.

We've built a list of plants that we'll be choosing from when we come to planting. we've also been drawing up a plan of the site to help us properly plan what's going where.

One other key requirements for the site is water. Although Council committed to provide us with access to mains water, the exciting news is that they're hoping to source a big water tank that could be plumbed into the nearby sports pavilion to provide us with rain water.

Although we're starting later in the year, we're still expecting to be able to plant during the summer and hoping our first activity will be in December.

We're nearly there! More as it develops.

Some interesting reading material relating to food forests to whet your appetite: Why Food Forests

Sunday, August 28, 2011

West Brunswick Food Forest grant approved!

During the week, our application for a $3000 seeding grant from Moreland City Council for the rejuvenation of the food forest was approved which is very exciting news.

We have a few formalities to clear before the funds will be available and we can commence work in earnest but we'll begin planning this week!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Action at the West Brunswick Food Forest - Pruning and Planning

Finally, after all these months of talking, we have actually done something!

Food Forest at Cedar Cottage Community Garden - 052720117953
Food Forest at Cedar Cottage
Community Garden - 052720117953
by Roland
You may remember back in April (yes, sorry about the tumbleweeds you see rolling across our web site), we posted here about our plans to rejuvenate a neglected food forest in West Brunswick.

Although it's not a community garden in the normal sense, we're approaching this project as a way of getting something under our belt, testing our mettle and generally showing we're serious about our commitment to supporting community gardening opportunities around Moreland.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Food Forest project, grant application and incorporation

It's been a while since you saw an update from us and you'd be forgiven for thinking we'd given up and gone back to our backyards.

Well, although we don't have a garden yet, I can share some exciting news.

Over recent months, our efforts have continued and things are going well.