Monday, December 19, 2011

West Brunswick Community Garden Opportunity - CCG needs you! (meeting)

Things never really go exactly as you plan and that's certainly true of our hopes of securing a vacant plot to turn into a community garden. Instead, we're presented with interesting opportunities that require us to show a bit of adaptation and creativity.

Here's the latest "interesting opportunity" to come our way: Council is seeking expressions of interest from groups like ours to manage a West Brunswick community garden that needs some care and attention.

If this garden doesn't get sorted out, it could close. That would mean two less community gardens in Moreland in the space of a year (Ilma Lever closed earlier this year). Seems we need to halt a downward trend before we can start building more spaces.

Wow. So, here's our chance! Now we need you to get involved. We need helpers and supporters.

More hands = lighter load for everyone
More supporters = better chances of success and more fun along the way

Coburg Community Gardening is well placed for this opportunity: we've been working closely with council for over a year towards securing a community garden and we already have a project underway to manage the food forest right next to this garden.

The possibilities are really exciting.

Have a look at this video and imagine a friendly, accessible, open, welcoming place where you can hang out, participate in different ways and to different degrees, that teaches skills you can use in your own garden, that contributes knowledge, plants and food back to your community, a social hub (without the American accent!).

We don't have long (only until December 30th) to respond to council so we'll meet this Wednesday at 7.30pm (location TBC) to plan our response.

We would love to see you there. Don't be shy, please come along, say hello, share your thoughts, meet people from your community who want the same things as you.

Don't wait - things like this only happen if you get involved. If you've never done something like this before, let this be the first time.

Please RSVP via our Contact Us page to confirm you can attend.