Sunday, August 12, 2012

Announcing our monthly "Garden & Gather" sessions starting 23rd September

Bee on Dandelion
Working Bee
Over the coming months there will be plenty happening down at the garden and food forest but whatever else is happening, starting on Sun 23rd Sept, we'd love you to come down on the 4th Sunday each month between 11am and 3pm.

These Garden & Gather sessions will be a chance for us all to catch up, share something to eat and drink and take care of some of the stuff around the garden to keep it looking good and running smoothly and we'll obviously have fun while we're at it.

Go on, mark your calendar now so you don't forget.

P.S. We're going to run a swap on these days where anyone can exchange food, seeds, plants, tools, etc. This'll be a great way for us to meet other people from around the area and get them involved with the garden as well as sharing some of the food we grow.

P.P.S. A reminder to RSVP ASAP to let us know if you can attend either the Sunday 19th August Food Forest session and the Community Garden tour on Saturday 25th August.