Monday, August 6, 2012

Continuing the food forest fun on Sunday 19th August

Some eating, drinking and being merry.
We made HUGE progress with the weeding and pruning in the food forest a few weeks back (the pics below don't really do it justice) and in a couple of weeks we'll head down there again.

Date: Sunday 19th August
Time: 1.30 - 4.30 pm
PlaceDunstan Reserve/West Brunswick Food Forest (between community garden and sports pavilion)

Jobs we'll take care of this time:
  • finish weeding and pruning
  • replace diseased trees that council removed
  • mulch, mulch, mulch
  • begin planting plants on our planting plan (betcha can't say that 5 times quickly)
  • some other bits and pieces
  • eat drink and be merry!

PLUS added bonus stuff:

  • We'll show anyone who wants to know how to plant a fruit tree
  • The food forest plans will be available to take a look at and provide feedback
  • Swap any excess home grown food, seeds or plants you might have at home

Come down and help or just drop in and say hello and have a chat about the food forest and community garden.

If you can come along, let us know so we can provide enough food and drinks (If you're reading this on the website, add a comment below or go to the Contact Us page. If you're reading this as an email, just reply.)

Food Forest before Weedfest 2012

Food Forest after Weedfest 2012