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Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Update - Garden & Gather #1 and Designing our Garden

We've had a busy time in September and things are moving along nicely now. Thanks to everyone who helped before and after with both of these events.

Our first Garden & Gather on 23rd September

Morning tea in Food Forest 23 Sept 2012
We had a terrific day down at the Food Forest. After early drizzle, the weather turned for the better. All in I think we had around 17 people, including 4-5 new faces and a few dogs. Lots of chatting and interested passers-by.

A few highlights:
  • We planted more than half of the plants on our planting plan
  • The mulch we had left has been spread
  • Another big pile of weeds came out and paths were rediscovered on the west side.
  • Our food swap table had a few pepinos, some lemons, sunflower seeds, chokos (for planting), parsley (literally bucket loads). 
  • We spread some compost donated by a local benefactor under this pergola and mulched around the plants that we put in.
The whole area looks well tended after now. We'll be getting in touch soon to ask for people who can help with a watering roster to make sure the plants all get through the Summer.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Exciting Funding News!

Council Partnership Grant Approval
I'm very excited and pleased to share the news that City of Moreland Council have awarded us a partnership grant of $25,000 towards our garden project which I'm sure you'll agree is fantastic news.

Ours was one of a handful of projects to receive partnership grants and one of several involving urban agriculture or growing food which says something great not only about the rise of urban ag in Moreland but also about Moreland Council's growing receptiveness towards these kinds of activities.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Community Garden Design Workshop - Sunday 30th September

Designing our community garden - Sunday 30th September 1.30 - 4.30pm

Update: the location for this workshop will be the Richard Lynch Senior Citizens Centre, 27 Peacock Street, West Brunswick

You've probably seen the picture above before, it's the draft garden plan we've been talking about for a while now. We know it's not there yet, there are things we still need to work out like how big the raised and in-ground beds should be, where they should go, how many personal plots and how big they should be, there's far too much green "grass", we've got compost bays to fit in, we need room for propagating plants etc.