Sunday, October 21, 2012

Help Wanted!

Hi everyone,

We hope you've been walking through the food forest and appreciating all your great work, it's looking fantastic. If you haven't seen it yet, why not drop by our next Garden & Gather Session on 28th October (11am-3pm) and say hello.

We are planning to start work on the community garden in November, we’re just finalising the design and starting to organise materials etc. It's very exciting!

There are a few things we need your help with, please have a look at the list below and see what you can do to keep our fantastic garden growing:

Lend a Hand #1 - Summer watering of the Food Forest

With the weather warming up and new, young plants growing in the food forest we need some helpers to keep the plants healthy. From the 1st November  we need to have a Summer watering schedule in place. If you have an hour available once a week or fortnight, in the morning or evening and would love to stand out in the beautiful surrounds of the food forest giving the plants a drink we want to hear from you! 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday are our watering days and we someone for each of these days every week for the next 4 months. If you can help, email Libby at please include:
  • The day of the week you'd be available, 
  • Whether you'd be able to do once a week/fortnight/month,
  • Any periods you'd be unavailable.
We'll be running a very quick how to/where is at the Garden and Gather at 1pm on Sunday 28th October in the Food Forest, if you cant make this please mention it in your email and we'll organise another time.

Lend a Hand #2 – Catering at our Garden & Gather sessions

If you’ve been to a Garden & Gather session you will have noticed our fantastic afternoon teas. If you can bring along a plate to help out, either for the next event in October or for the future please drop Libby an email at

Contributions #1 - Cups, cutlery and other stuff

Continuing the catering theme... how long since you've had a clean out of your cupboards? Rather than using disposable cups and cutlery at our gatherings we need some unbreakable mugs and cups, teaspoons, plates and other items.  
Before we spend any of our funds on buying these things, if you have any of these that you can donate to our worthy cause, they would be very much appreciated. We also need a tub or two for washing up and some way of getting/keeping hot water (you know one of those pumpy thermos things?). We'll have power to the site hopefully by the end of the year so an electric urn would be fantastic but in the meantime a thermos or two would be great. 
Please bring them along to the Garden and Gather or email us if you'd like them to be picked up.

Contributions #2 – Tools

We are keen to expand the tool selection for all members use both in the Food Forest and the Community Garden.  We are especially in need of hand tools (trowels and hand forks) for small work.  As with the crockery etc., before we spend precious funds on tools, we thought it worth asking if you have any that are in reasonable condition and surplus to your requirements that you’d like to donate to the garden. If you do, we'd love to take them off your hands.
If you have anything to donate, please bring them along to the Garden and Gather or email us if you'd like them to be picked up.
There you go, a few different ways you might like to get involved or contribute. I hope at least one suits you!