Friday, November 2, 2012

25th November - Big Dig Day #1 - the day you've been waiting for!

A quick note to say that we're on track to get started on the community garden on Sunday 25th November - Big Dig Day #1.

This is a truly exciting day for our garden, the one most of us have been waiting for.

We're going to prepare and plant the first of our big communal beds as well as establishing paths. You'll be able to see the final design we're working towards. We'll peg out the personal plots too so you can come along and see how big they'll be.

To put it bluntly though, how much we get done on the day will be up to you. If you haven't been involved over recent months, now is the time to get out of your chair and onto the dance-floor. Don't be shy, come down and share some of the fun. Be part of the start! Make it a day to remember. Bring a friend! There'll be something for everyone no matter what experience or ability.

Please clear the day in your calendar and let us know you're coming. 

More soon, I just wanted to get in and grab the 25th of November in your calendar (go on, do it now before you forget).