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Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Sunday: a few things we need

Hi everyone,
Hope you've got our Garden and Gather on your calendar for this Sunday. I need to put the word around for a few things we're going to need to get our work done on Sunday.

1. Cordless drills
We're continuing with the personal plot/path edging which requires lots of pre drilling and screwing into hardwood. We don't have power (yet) so we need some cordless drills (hopefully with spare batteries). One wasn't enough last time, 3-4 drills would be ideal.

2. Picks and Mattocks
We're getting stuck into the remainder of the north communal bed and need to break up the clay pan under the top soil (we did this a while back on part of this bed and it has done wonders). We need a couple more picks or mattocks to make this go quicker.

3. An extra pair of hands
Well, thought I'd give it try. See if you can find someone to bring with you. You'll be able to talk about this Sunday for the rest of your life.

More is better than less - don't think 'Oh, it's OK, someone else will bring one.'

Can you help?

Oh and don't forget: something to eat/drink, suncream, a hat and some water, gloves, check our website for any change of plans (too hot, too wet, snow etc.)

Nuff said.

See you on Sunday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

News: toilets, bike racks, power, water, funding, food and more

Morning everyone!
How's this heat! The poor vegies in our communal bed have been taking a hammering over the last few weeks and it's thanks to our watering crew that they're still alive. Nice to have a cooler weekend to let them (and us!) recover.

A few bits and pieces of news for you...

Look how lush our vegie patch looks!
The western communal bed is really productive already with plenty of silver beet, chard and zucchinis going home with those who've been coming along to help out.

If you told us you were interested in being a communal gardener, we'll be in touch soon to let you know more about how you can get involved and share in the bounty. In the meantime, come along to the next Garden & Gather (including celebratory lunch!) on January 27th and lend a hand.

Some other news
  • Toilets - we've been talking to council about opening the toilets all the time and having them cleaned regularly and they're looking at it
  • Funding - looks like we've been successful with a funding application to Landcare which will help pay for our propagation area
  • Water tank - we're talking with council about getting a big water tank to harvest rainwater from the roof of the child care centre next door to the garden (with many thanks to our very friendly neighbours!)
  • Power - thanks again to the lovely people next door to our garden, we're hopefully pretty close to getting power hooked up to our shed so we can boil a kettle and make a cuppa
  • Bike racks - council have agreed to build some proper bike racks for us so we can all peddle to the garden and secure our bikes
At our mini-working bee a couple of weeks back on Jan 6th, we saw our first 8 in-ground personal plots emerge from the ground (hooray!), some more sand paths were finished, we spread soil in the northern communal bed and got a few other bits a pieces taken care of.

"Dirt" is actually a swear word! Who knew?
Today's soil workshop down at the garden (Thanks to SGA and Moreland Council) today was very well attended. Hope those of you who came along thought it worthwhile. I certainly learned a few things. We've been given a DVD that we can lend you which has loads of short films about things that can help you grow food more successfully. If you're interested in borrowing it, let us know

Personal plots were allocated a few weeks back so we have some very eager plot holders who can't wait to get started in their patch. We still have plots available so if you haven't applied for one already but you reckon you'd like to give it a go drop us an email at

That's probably enough for now I reckon. Plenty going on.

Keep digging and we'll see you soon.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our next Garden & Gather (with a celebratory lunch especially for you!) - Jan 27th

OK, get your pen out (or get on your phone) and mark your calendar NOW!

Our next Garden & Gather is coming up on the 27th January from 9am and we really need your help. Don't worry if you can't get out of bed for 9am, turn up when you can, whatever you do, just turn up! At our Big Dig in November, we managed to get 27 people down there. We got heaps done and made a big step forward. Let's top that in January.
Now, the best part! At 1pm we'll all stop for a celebration lunch in appreciation of your hard work over the last few months. It'll be a great chance to come along and meet everyone if you haven't been down yet.

Bring along some food to share and a bottle (or a few) and we'll sit down under the trees and share a laugh and relax a bit, look at what we've done and imagine what it'll be like when it's all finished.

If you can't make the working bee, just come along for lunch and to have a look at what we've been up to. We'd love to see you again or meet you and your friends and family. The more the merrier!

See you then!

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Group shot at morning tea 23 Sept 2012
Hi everyone,
A belated Happy New Year! I hope you managed to squeeze in a day or two of rest and some gardening over the last few weeks and you're not suffering too much from the heat.

Copy of 2012-11-25 13.20.50 800A lot happened in 2012 and I reckon you deserve thanks for your part in it so this is just a quick note to say 'Thanks!' (lots of times).

Thanks to the 50 of you who have given nearly 450 hours of your time to weed, dig, laugh, barrow, build, shovel, till, prune, plant, eat, drink, meet and of course grow stuff at our sessions.

Thanks to the dedicated watering crews who've been keeping all our stuff growing. Harvest time has started thanks to you! 

Karen overseeing planting in FF 23 Sept 2012 Thanks to the committed organisers who give up evenings and weekends to plan and prepare for our get-togethers and take care of all the boring stuff. We'd be nowhere without you.

Thanks to the people from Moreland City Council who have helped us in so many ways, never shirking. We really appreciate all your support.

Copy of 2012-11-25 12.04.40 800 Thanks to all of you for giving your time to build our community garden and food forest, for your hard work and the way you've gone about it - diligently with good humour and a "can-do" attitude.

Thanks to all our Moreland Community Gardening members and subscribers for being interested. We hope to meet more of you in the next year as our fantastic garden emerges.

With you lot around I know there'll be lots of food growing fun and there isn't a problem we can't solve. You're all ace! Keep doing what you're doing.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reasons to head down to the garden this Sunday (6th Jan)

Some reasons you might use to get yourself down to the garden this Sunday from 9am to help out. We'll be there from around 9am.
Laying granitic sand paths at the big dig Nov '12

1. Working off some Christmas kilos

"I know I'm not alone in having eaten too much over the last few weeks but I feel bad and the time has come to do something about it. Not one for pointlessly pounding away on a treadmill, I'd rather expend my energy doing something productive so I'll be down at the garden this Sunday to get some stuff done and do my bit to make the garden awesome."

2. You made a New Year's Resolution (honestly you did, even if you don't remember doing it)

"[with determination]... I said I'd help out and get involved at the community garden last year and didn't make it but this year - 2013 - will be different! I'm going to start this Sunday!"

3. More of the same please!

"[with exuberance]... it was great getting to know people down at the garden and food forest this year, I can't wait to get down there this Sunday and carry on as I left off in 2012!"

4. Impatience

"This is all taking way too long! The sooner we get this construction stuff done, the sooner I can get started growing food."
Whatever your reason, we hope to see you down there.

If you do come, remember - hat, gloves, drink and something edible (and healthy!) to share.