Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Reasons to head down to the garden this Sunday (6th Jan)

Some reasons you might use to get yourself down to the garden this Sunday from 9am to help out. We'll be there from around 9am.
Laying granitic sand paths at the big dig Nov '12

1. Working off some Christmas kilos

"I know I'm not alone in having eaten too much over the last few weeks but I feel bad and the time has come to do something about it. Not one for pointlessly pounding away on a treadmill, I'd rather expend my energy doing something productive so I'll be down at the garden this Sunday to get some stuff done and do my bit to make the garden awesome."

2. You made a New Year's Resolution (honestly you did, even if you don't remember doing it)

"[with determination]... I said I'd help out and get involved at the community garden last year and didn't make it but this year - 2013 - will be different! I'm going to start this Sunday!"

3. More of the same please!

"[with exuberance]... it was great getting to know people down at the garden and food forest this year, I can't wait to get down there this Sunday and carry on as I left off in 2012!"

4. Impatience

"This is all taking way too long! The sooner we get this construction stuff done, the sooner I can get started growing food."
Whatever your reason, we hope to see you down there.

If you do come, remember - hat, gloves, drink and something edible (and healthy!) to share.