Saturday, January 5, 2013


Group shot at morning tea 23 Sept 2012
Hi everyone,
A belated Happy New Year! I hope you managed to squeeze in a day or two of rest and some gardening over the last few weeks and you're not suffering too much from the heat.

Copy of 2012-11-25 13.20.50 800A lot happened in 2012 and I reckon you deserve thanks for your part in it so this is just a quick note to say 'Thanks!' (lots of times).

Thanks to the 50 of you who have given nearly 450 hours of your time to weed, dig, laugh, barrow, build, shovel, till, prune, plant, eat, drink, meet and of course grow stuff at our sessions.

Thanks to the dedicated watering crews who've been keeping all our stuff growing. Harvest time has started thanks to you! 

Karen overseeing planting in FF 23 Sept 2012 Thanks to the committed organisers who give up evenings and weekends to plan and prepare for our get-togethers and take care of all the boring stuff. We'd be nowhere without you.

Thanks to the people from Moreland City Council who have helped us in so many ways, never shirking. We really appreciate all your support.

Copy of 2012-11-25 12.04.40 800 Thanks to all of you for giving your time to build our community garden and food forest, for your hard work and the way you've gone about it - diligently with good humour and a "can-do" attitude.

Thanks to all our Moreland Community Gardening members and subscribers for being interested. We hope to meet more of you in the next year as our fantastic garden emerges.

With you lot around I know there'll be lots of food growing fun and there isn't a problem we can't solve. You're all ace! Keep doing what you're doing.