Thursday, January 24, 2013

This Sunday: a few things we need

Hi everyone,
Hope you've got our Garden and Gather on your calendar for this Sunday. I need to put the word around for a few things we're going to need to get our work done on Sunday.

1. Cordless drills
We're continuing with the personal plot/path edging which requires lots of pre drilling and screwing into hardwood. We don't have power (yet) so we need some cordless drills (hopefully with spare batteries). One wasn't enough last time, 3-4 drills would be ideal.

2. Picks and Mattocks
We're getting stuck into the remainder of the north communal bed and need to break up the clay pan under the top soil (we did this a while back on part of this bed and it has done wonders). We need a couple more picks or mattocks to make this go quicker.

3. An extra pair of hands
Well, thought I'd give it try. See if you can find someone to bring with you. You'll be able to talk about this Sunday for the rest of your life.

More is better than less - don't think 'Oh, it's OK, someone else will bring one.'

Can you help?

Oh and don't forget: something to eat/drink, suncream, a hat and some water, gloves, check our website for any change of plans (too hot, too wet, snow etc.)

Nuff said.

See you on Sunday!