Sunday, February 17, 2013

Countdown to Feb 24th, power, bike racks, Landcare grant and more...

Some further bit and bobs you might like to know before next Sunday...

First help us spread the word, we want to really show off the garden and food forest and all the hard work we've been doing. Tell everyone you know!

Apple Tasting - 11.00 -11.30
If you're interested in growing your own apples but don't know what sort to grow, come and taste a selection of interesting apples from Petty's Orchard courtesy of the Heritage Fruit Society, rate your favourite.

Throughout the day from 11am to 3pm we'll have the following going on:
Two masters, their apprentice
and a big wooden box
  • Building raised garden beds (our first one was built yesterday and it's a beauty)
  • Installing our apple boxes
  • Yarn-bombing the north fence
  • Topping up the veggies in the communal bed
  • Tidying and watering the food forest
  • Finishing paths near personal plots
  • A bit of musical colour at lunch time
  • Tours of the garden and food forest to hear how we got here and where we're going
We're also working on a special late addition to our day involving the Lemon Tree Project. This will hopefully result in fruit trees being planted and sausages being sizzled and some fruit trees available for people to buy.

In other news...
  • Our communal crew met up for the first time yesterday and are planning what to do next (don't worry if you didn't make it to that meeting, more to come)
  • We have power! (thanks to the helpful people at the child care centre)
  • Our shiny new bike racks have been installed! (thanks to the helpful people at the council)
  • We received a grant from Landcare towards building our propagation area!!!
(I've used my exclamation mark allowance or the whole week so I'll wind up now).

See you next Sunday