Thursday, February 14, 2013

Something for the weekend...

Looks great doesn't it? And we aren't just growing sunflowers either.
(Photo by Gabriella Sarnataro)
Hi everyone, a few things for this weekend:

1. Communal crew kick-off - a reminder we have our communal crew kick-off for working out the mechanics of managing the communal beds at 10.30 on Saturday 16th. We need people in this group to make time for this so we can come up with something workable and that doesn't demand a lots of a small few. By the way, if you aren't sure if this means you but it sounds interesting come along.

2. Sunday Session - we had lots down there last Sunday so this time certainly seems to appeal. Come along this Sunday if you want to see what's happening and how the gardens coming along, if you haven't been for while, you'll see things have definitely moved along.

Don't burn yourselves out though, remember we've got our big working bee/open day on Sunday 24th! We need as many of us as possible there for this one, lots to do including building raised beds, yarn-bombing, apple tasting and more. Tell your friends and family.

Some other stuff (apple boxes) is being delivered on Saturday morning at about 9am so if you feel like lending a hand meet us down there.