Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunday Sessions - going weekly, starting tomorrow (Sunday 3rd Feb 9-12)

Hi there,
Left this a bit late so I'll keep it brief...from tomorrow, you can head down to the West Brunswick Community Garden any Sunday morning between 9am and 12pm and garden in company at one of our...Sunday Sessions.

No need to come every week or stay the whole time or even do any gardening, you can just come along, say hello and sit about and enjoy the view.

Communal crew (more soon on kicking this off), there's a blackboard on the side of the shed now where we'll aim to write up what jobs need doing and what you should pick from the communal bed to take home.

A few other things to know:
  • Our Garden & Gather will stay on the 4th Sunday of every month 11am-3pm in case 9am-12pm is a bit early for you or you have other stuff on. That's when we'll get bigger stuff done around the garden
  • If you think of anything we ought to have in the shed, drop us an email or write it on the board
  • We'll aim for someone from the committee to be there as often as we can but it won't be an organised working bee, sometimes we might use this time for orientation of new gardeners or other stuff
See you soon at a Sunday Session.