Friday, February 8, 2013

This week's Sunday Session

Hi there,
Fancy popping in to our Sunday Session this week? We'd love to see you.

Remember this is now a weekly thing between 9 am and 12pm but no need to come every week or stay the whole time or even do any gardening, you can just come along, say hello and sit about and enjoy the view.

We had a very pleasant session last week. A few more personal plot holders were orientated (or is it oriented? I never know which), there was a bit of weeding in the food forest, plenty of picking and watering, our first broccoli seedlings in the ground, some prototype yarn-bombing and planning for the next big working bee (more on this very soon) and more.

There should be a nice new load of lovely compost ready for our personal plotters to dig into their beds.

We're looking at some more hoses for watering around the personal plots, if you think of anything else we ought to have in the shed (tools?), drop us an email or write it on the board.

We'll try to have someone from the organising committee there as often as we can but it won't be an organised working bee, sometimes we might use this time for orientation of new gardeners or other stuff.

See you on Sunday!

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