Friday, March 22, 2013

Garden & Gather: This Sunday 11am-3pm

Hi everyone,
It hardly seems like a month ago that we were frantically running around preparing for our big Sustainable Living Festival event. If you didn't make it, we had a great time despite the heat, got some work done and met some new friends. All round it was very successful.

Ryan, Isa and Nathan demonstrating
their innovative raised garden bed shaped seat.
Hopefully I don't need to remind you (you've added it to your calendar right? 4th Sunday of every month?) that this Sunday from 11am-3pm is our March Garden & Gather event, your opportunity to come and lend a hand around the garden to help us move closer to finishing the build. We've come a long way but still have much to do.

Please be there at 11 so we can explain what's happening for the day once. We're endeavouring to be a little more organised on these monthly sessions so we get as much done as possible.

The communal crew are getting organised to do some work on Sunday and there are other jobs to do. It'll also be a good chance to catch up with people and see what's been happening.

It's a beautiful time of year, temperatures are much more conducive to an enjoyable session than they have been over recent months.

Remember your hat and something to drink and eat. If you have any fruit, veg, seeds etc to swap bring them along and we'll set up a swap table.

Don't forget that this weekend an inspiring local edible garden is open for you to view. Well worth a look. Some of the gate proceeds will be donated to our garden and we'll be volunteering over both days. Come and say hello.

See you on the weekend!