Monday, April 15, 2013

April news and stuff: gate, compost, shed, communal crew, baby, toilets

Hey everyone,
Isn't it great to have emerged from the heat of Summer into this beautiful time of the year? Some of our personal plots are looking amazing and the communal beds are beautiful, having had some love and attention.

Here's a little bit of news for you.

Our next Garden & Gather working bee - Sunday 28th April

April 28th (11am-3pm) will be our next 'all hands' (yep, that means everyone!) working bee.

As well as working in the garden preparing the space for the compost area and prepping the North communal bed, we'll have a crew working in the food forest again. If you were part of the crew that worked so hard around the middle of last year, we'd love to see you back. We'll be pruning the stone fruit trees, tidying up the pergolas, mulching and more.

Please aim to be there for 11am so we can explain the jobs for the day once.
We'll stop at 1pm for a bite to eat so bring a plate to share.
The food swap table will be in operation too.

Calling the Communal Crew

Our Western bed is now primed and bursting with brassicas and all sorts of other things and we've started work on getting the Northern bed into play. Special thanks to Catherine and Diana for their efforts.

Lots of you put your names down to be communal gardeners. Come on out. Don't be shy. Your hands are needed. Now's the time!

Compost Palace

Our 'compost palace' will be something to behold and promises to cope with everything we can throw at it in the way of green stuff, magically changing our waste into black gold to help us grow more food. 

We'll start building it in the next few weeks just inside the big gates. 

Sunday Sessions

Our Sunday Sessions (every Sunday between 9am and 12pm) are really proving popular. A great way to just bump into other people, say 'hi', chat to your fellow gardeners, have a cuppa, check out what's growing and changing. The garden is a lovely place to be at this time of year. See you down there soon.

In other news...

  • Baby! - Our fantastically awesome Vice President, Libby, has had her baby! Please welcome our newest and (for now) youngest member, Grace. We hope to see both of them down at the garden soon.
  • Why is there a gate into next door? - We have a gate into the garden from the child care centre that so that our lovely friends next door, who are very keen gardeners, can easily come through to tend their plot and enjoy the garden. It'll be great for the kids to be able to see where food comes from. By the way, we know their chooks are exploring the garden and we're working on a fix.
  • No more cross-legged weeding - Council have made it easy for all of us to access the toilets by putting a number keypad on the doors. The number you need to know to get in is on a sign on the shed wall on your left inside the shed. If you want someone to show you how it works, ask a committee member on any Sunday.
  • Gardens without fences - We're going to buy some more steel mesh for supporting climbing plants soon. Please remember it's for climbing plants, not for fencing off your plots.
  • Shed - Have you noticed how tidy and organised the shed is (thanks to Kelly or Di)? We're working on a new, bigger blackboard, a letterbox and more shelving. Ideas? Pass them on to Kelly or Di if you see them or email us.