Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday 26th May Garden & Gather

This Sunday 26th May between 11am - 3pm we've got our regular working bee happening down at the garden with plenty to do, all sorts of things from painting, mulching, edging, weeding, sand-spreading, tidying up and more. Check out the compost bays built a week back.
  • We'd love it if you can be there by 11am so we can explain what's happening for the day (once!). 
  • Lunch is at 1pm - bring something shareable to drink and eat and we'll have a lovely lunch, sitting around on hay bales and catching up on news.
  • We'll have a swap table set up so if you have any fruit, veg, herbs, seeds etc to swap bring them along too.
  • Oh and remember your gloves and a hat.
It's a beautiful time of year for being in the garden.

See you down there on Sunday!