Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tapping into our BIG, friendly, gardening genius

If you've ever tried to grow something, whether you succeeded or failed you probably learned something that might be useful to someone else.

For example, I can help you learn how to kill a persimmon tree. Quickly.
Or how to make a no-dig nature strip garden bed or how to grow fig trees from cuttings.

More than 150 of us are somehow connected with our garden and food forest - over 30 personal plotters, dozens in our communal crew not to mention a bunch of you who subscribe to our website.  Some of you have decades of gardening experience, degrees in horticulture, permaculture backgrounds,  are studying or maybe you're just keen observers.

When you put together all our little knowledge, experiments, experiences and lessons, you get one BIG genius that can probably answer almost any question one of us could come up with.

I reckon this is amazing and fantastic and one of the best things about being involved with this garden.

Lately a few of us have been pondering how to tap into this BIG gardening genius when we have a question?

  • The obvious way is to go to the garden and talk to people. Come along, collar someone and ask. If they don't know the answer, they might know how to find out.
  • Lunch at the Garden & Gather is becoming a very enjoyable affair with lots of vibrant banter. Our Sunday Sessions (9am -12pm every Sunday) provide a regular opportunity to be at the garden with others.
  • If you join the communal crew you're bound to learn something. Besides growing food, helping members develop their knowledge and skills is one of their aims.
  • You could like us on Facebook and then, if you have a question, post it on our page. At the moment, there are already 60 people just waiting for you to challenge them. Share your questions and your own inner genius.

Can you think of other ways?