Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Calling out for plants for Sunday!

Hi everyone,

Sunday is shaping up to be "mega" if I might borrow an expression I've heard some of the young folk using.

Although we already have some plants for planting in the Food Forest, we're calling out to you in case we can rustle up some donations from you lovely people.

Here's what we're after:
  • Mint - plants/divisions with roots 
  • Peppermint - plants/divisions with roots 
  • Apple Mint - plants/divisions with roots 
  • Lemon Balm - plants/divisions with roots 
  • Oregano - plants/divisions with roots 
  • Jerusalem Artichokes - tubers 
  • Nasturtium - seeds 
  • Parsley - seeds 
  • Calendula/English Marigold - seeds 
  • Borage - seeds 
If you have other plants (with roots ready to plant) that you would like to donate, feel free to bring them with you but don't be offended if we don't use them and you can take them home (or pass them on to others on the day). Alternatively, email grow.eat.moreland@gmail.com with what they are and we'll let you know whether to bring them or not.

See you on Sunday!