Monday, June 17, 2013

Composting Going Live

Hey Gardeners,

This week composting will be going live at the gardens. Some brief information on your options (we have something for everyone) and an introduction to some newcomers is presented below.

 If you have room at home, we want you to be a HOME COMPOSTERDon't worry, we will provide you with advice on how to get started.
If you don't have room, or want to see some composting in action before you get started at home, you can become a WB COMPOSTER. 
If you are passionate about composting and want to become a COMPOST CRUSADER , we salute you ! The Compost Team will need a bit of help over the coming months for a range of compost related activities and we'd love you to get involved. .

WB and HOME COMPOSTER's and COMPOST CRUSADER's will all get a free compost caddy (subject to availability) courtesy of Moreland City Council to collect your kitchen scraps in. There's 20 available initially so get in quick when we send you our "GO LIVE" e-mail in the next few days. 

You'll be the envy of all your composting mates
with this stylish caddy.

New at the Compost Bays

There is a couple of new comers to the compost bay. area. A few introductions below. 


 Richard Browns prototype rain cover to keep moisture out, above, and my prototype "compost blanket" to keep heat in, below. Rumour* has it NASA are interested in both designs. *Rumours have no basis in fact


Green Free Zone
A new bin for C Rich goodies.No green waste please.This is mainly for leaves while there are plenty around but shredded newspaper or sawdust if we can find a source (Do you know anyone ?) will replace leaves when we run out.

Browns Placed For Your Convenience

C Rich bulk storage. As we move from Autumn to Winter to Spring sources of C rich goodies, in the natural landscape (leaves,shredded pruning waste), will dry up. We need to build up a store. We are keeping them here for the moment in the upturned crate, near the shed.