Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Food Forest: working bee and next steps

The next stage of work in the Food Forest is about to start. After our mammoth Permablitz session in June, the trees and new plants are coming along beautifully. Hope you've had a chance to see all the blossom over the last few weeks.

So next up, we're having a Food Forest working bee on Sunday 8 September 2013 from 10am to 12pm.  We'll be doing some pruning, planting and having a bit of a clean up and weed (there's always weeding). We have  three pear trees and a hazelnut that need pruning and some of the olive trees could do with a bit of a thin out.  If you have secateurs/pruning tools you could bring that would be great.  Anna has offered to bring her blade sharpeners .  Also if anyone has a bit of metho that we could use to clean the tools that would be appreciated also.

Generous people have donated  lemon balm, Jerusalem artichoke tubers,Marionberries and two apple trees. If you'd like to donate spare herbs or mints, scented geraniums, ground covers and berries we'd be happy to accept them - just bring them along on the day.

Karen Sutherland has been hard at work on the plant list and a timetable of work that needs to be done and will have that for us shortly.  She has also been sorting out prices and a plan for the irrigation system  which will be happening soon apparently.  So big thanks to her. 
We look forward to seeing you down there and catching up afterwards for a cuppa and a chat .