Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some news and other bits

A few bits and pieces to let you know about...

Bringing materials into the garden 
We try not to be driven by rules and we deliberately don't have many. One rule we do have is that
materials for supporting climbing plants are provided by the garden so please don’t bring anything in. We have plenty of bits of steel mesh hanging on the fence beside the shed, please use it.

If there's anything else you think we need, add it to the blackboard or email us at grow.eat.moreland@gmail.com

Free seedlings for everyone!
We were lucky enough to receive a very generous donation of 5 TRAYS of free seedlings from the CERES Propagation team a couple of weeks back for everyone at the garden to use. Sorry if you missed out this time, if we receive more (fingers crossed!) we'll let you know where they are (and mark them clearly) so you can help yourself to what you can use at the community garden, or at home.

Rubbish in, rubbish out
Remember we have no rubbish collection at the garden so if you bring rubbish in or you see some in the garden, please take it away with you.

Blackboard ahoy!
Our blackboard won't tell you to hurry up (I'm showing my age, right?)

Our new, big blackboard is up, have a look at it each time you're down at the garden for news and activities. Add things you think we need. Draw smiley faces.

Friends of the Food Forest
Our Friends of the Food Forest (FoFF) had a great kickoff meeting a few weeks back with lots of you showing up and is now welcoming new members, email grow.eat.moreland@gmail.com if you're interested. Stay tuned for news on what they have planned over the coming months.