Thursday, September 19, 2013

Communal Crew Early Spring Planting - This Saturday (21st) from 9am-ish to12pm-ish

What is it ?

This Saturday the Communal Crew will be starting the rejuvenation of some of our late summer and autumn plantings. We have some donated seedlings from CERES (lettuce) as well as some additional seedlings we plan to buy

As wells as planting there is some maintenance and watering to do and if anyone is interested in starting on signage or discussing seed saving we can get cracking with that too.

All invited

Whoever you are in WB Gardens, whether your a plot holder, composter or food forest fanatic you can help too if you fancy some light activity and stimulating conversation on Saturday. If you are not currently part of WB Gardens come along anyway and enquire with us about joining up, if you are interested.

Just reply to this post if you plan to drop by.

Hope to see you Saturday. The Communal Crew.