Friday, September 13, 2013

Special Celebratory September Garden & Gather - Sunday 22nd September from 11am

In August last year we ran a tour of other Moreland community gardens to get our cogs turning on ideas of how our garden could be. It's been an amazing year since then and we've all worked pretty hard to get the garden to where it is.

July 2012
There's one thing that I reckon we haven't done well enough during the last year - CELEBRATE - and we're going to start to address this deficiency at our Garden & Gather on Sunday 22nd starting at 11am.

If you're one of the over 100 people who've had a hand in getting the garden to where it is we want to see you. Come and see what you've helped to build and say hello, have a bite to eat and a drink.

August 2013
We've got a few little jobs to take care of but then we're tipping the balance in favour of fun, interesting, relaxing and social with some workshops, live music and an extended lunch.

First the fun stuff:

  • 11.30am - a fruit tree training primer
  • 12.00pm - a compost workshop
  • 12.30pm - make milk bottle butterflies to scare away the cabbage butterflies
  • 1.00pm - Lunch! We're even going to see what we can drum up from what's ready to eat in the garden
Bring your friends/family/kids, some food to share and if you want a glass of wine or a few beers bring them too.

If you want to make some butterflies bring a plastic milk bottle and some scissors.

(Oh and the jobs: finishing the pruning of the fruit trees around the fence; reorganising the North East corner of the northern communal garden bed.)

We promise to do a better job of addressing the celebration side of things.

See you down there!