Saturday, December 21, 2013

Garden & Gather, last week's picnic, twilight gardening, plant support, visitors and some stuff you might find interesting

Don't forget Sunday 22nd (today!) is our last Garden & Gather for 2013 starting bright and early at 9am. We've got a few things to do if you can fund some time to come down, bring some food/drink, gloves and a hat.

By all accounts last Tuesday's twilight gardening session was a big success both socially and horticulturally. Plenty of work done and an enjoyable feed/drink to finish it off. There are a couple more planned on Tuesdays 7th and 21st January from 7.00-8.30pm.

The Permablitz picnic last Saturday was a fine affair. Probably around 20 happy folks came along, some for the first time, and we sat around under the stone pine and ate a nice lunch then Adam did a bit of a pruning and fruit tree care demo. 

We've bought some more steel mesh for climbing plant support and some more stakes to hold them up.
We'll cut this up for use this weekend and hang it on the south fence by the shed.

We've had some more interested visitors over the last month or so including a field trip group from the Agrifood 2013 conference, some folks from the Yarra Urban Agriculture Advisory CommitteeMater St Community Garden in Collingwood and the 3000 Acres project.

Catherine sent me some photos to show what it looked like a year ago, what a difference!

Looking South from near the small gate.
Looking East towards the child care centre - now personal plots
Looking North from beside the shed - now greenhouse and propagation area