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Monday, February 4, 2013

Communal gardeners of Moreland rise up! Your time is here! (well almost) - Saturday 16th Feb 10.30am

Bountiful fresh food harvested a week ago!
More where this came from

OK, bear with me, this one’s a little lengthy but it's important.

When lots of you signed up, you checked the box marked "Member & Communal Gardener - I'd like to join others growing and harvesting food in the communal plots".

Now is the time for us to form an awesome, well oiled, communal gardening crew and really get this garden humming. Below is some background to the communal beds and why we have them as well as the next steps.

First, 5 reasons why we have communal garden beds?
Kindergarden - Born with black thumbs? Parents not gardeners? Never had a chance to grow food before? There's lots to learn and our communal beds provide a easy way for you to gain heaps of skills and knowledge, perhaps preparing you to move on to a personal plot later on.