Monday, April 28, 2014

Celebrate International Compost Awareness Week at our COMPOSTRAVANAGZA. Workshop! Prizes! Worms! Compost!! (May 10th)

Any resemblance to our Compost King is purely coincidental

Moreland Community Gardening and VEG invite you to a FREE Composting Workshop to celebrate International Compost Awareness Week (yes this is really real).

When: Saturday May 10th 10.30am – 1pm

Where: West Brunswick Community Garden, Behind 49 Everett Street, Brunswick West VIC 3055 (Enter via Everett St through the car park beside the Child Care Centre.)

What: Learn the art and science of how to team with worms and microbes to turn waste into rich organic topsoil – the cornerstone of organic gardening and ultimately human health. A hands-on session will have you confidently making compost. You will also learn how to set up a worm farm and how to use the wonderful by-products of these amazing critters in your garden. 

No space for your own compost system?  Then use the community garden compost hub.

We've got prizes to give away including:
  • A compost tumbler
  • A compost screw
  • Compost caddies
  • Ethical Shopping Guides
Entries for the competition will be collected between 10.30am – 11am, so get in early to be in the draw!

For more info please email us at: