Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Optus RockCorps Volunteer Working Bee - Sat 19th April

Remember last Winter we were lucky enough to host a Food Forest Permablitz when about 60 volunteers (including many of us) helped us get months of work done in a day? Big days like this can give us a real boost, tackling big jobs that might take us 3-4 monthly working bees. We made some new friends and had a fun day too.

If you go down to the garden this Saturday, you're in for a big surprise...not so much a teddy bears picnic*, more like a BIG volunteer gift to our garden and us from Optus RockCorps who provide opportunities for people to volunteer their time in return for exclusive music rewards.
(* I might be showing my age with the Teddy Bears Picnic reference.)

A few weeks ago they asked if we could benefit from one of their working bees. In short they were offering to help organise and run the day, bring 40-60 volunteers who'll help us to make things better at the garden and food forest. How could we pass up an offer like that!?!?

Since then we've been busy getting a program of work organised, sourcing materials and getting all the details sorted out. It's happening this Saturday, 19th April between 10am and 2pm. Here's some of what we have lined up for people to do on the day:
  • Sheet-mulching outside the whole garden perimeter, creating grass-free buffer outside the fence to help us manage the never-ending grass problem
  • Installing more of the food forest watering system to reduce the number of people needed to do watering
  • More sheet-mulching in the almond/pistachio area to protect the low tree branches from mowing and to help the trees
  • Painting some mural panels that we can hang on the fence to brighten things up and act as a wind break
  • There are some other things we'll try to get done too like Communal bed raised bed building using pallets weeding garden and food forest.
Although this is their gift to us you're very welcome to join in if you want to. If you're interested, please go here and register.

A few dedicated members of the garden organising committee (thanks Anna, Jools, Karen and Janelle) will be there to lend a hand. If you're passing by give them and the other volunteers a yell and say "Thanks!". They're all doing us a massive favour.