Sunday, May 18, 2014

Share your thoughts and vote for our garden's name

Got 5 minutes to share your thoughts on the garden?

A while back we asked you to contribute your ideas about what we could do with our garden in the year ahead. Our garden organising committee pulled those ideas together, reviewed them, distilled them into some key areas which we'll all be working on.

We've put together a simple online questionnaire to get your thoughts on a few things:

  • Vote for your favourite name for our garden
  • Which areas of the garden you are involved with
  • If you would like to be more active at the garden
  • How we can help you become more active with the garden
  • If our plans are in line with how you would like to see the garden grow
  • If you would be particularly interested in assisting the organising committee with any of the goals we've identified

It's easy, just click this link and away you go!