Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wow is it June already?

This Sunday 22nd between 11am - 3pm we have our June Garden & Gather. Nothing quite like a bit of gardening to gently warm you up on a Winter's day.

From Sunday our days start lengthening and we start heading towards the Summer. Come and share in a special celebratory lunch. There will be pumpkin soup!

We'll be on hand to accept your annual membership, communal crew and personal plot contributions. This is your opportunity to pay in person.

There's plenty to do at the garden this month so we need lots of hands, here's what we have lined up:
  • More work on our big garden sign
  • More harvesting of Jerusalem artichokes
  • Put up name signs on the personal plots
  • We WILL start beautification of the shed area!
  • Feed our citrus trees and work on west fence soil ready for citrus trees to be replanted
  • Compost and mulch with hay the perimeter
We'll also run:
  • An introduction for new people at 11.30
  • A compost workshop - turning and learning at midday
  • An espalier tutorial - we'll wander around the perimeter and do any pruning and training sometime before 1pm
What to bring: gloves, sturdy shoes, something edible to share for lunch, a coat in case it rains

Remember, if you can’t make it this time, mark the 4th Sunday of each month on your calendar and plan to make it to 2 or 3 working bees each year.