Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Your chance to be a fearless compostador

The compost hub is working well, and not just because of the tiny compost crew: it’s because of many others who contribute in many ways, such as: chopping up their waste before putting it in the compost bay; bring and ripping up newspaper; arranging for horse manure collections; reaching out to cafes; bringing in kitchen waste; and putting in the hard work to turn the compost.

Unfortunately, we aren’t producing enough compost to meet the needs of the garden, and so it’s time to step up production.  There are many ways to help, and the following are roles that are needed, or would be nice to have, at the garden:
  • Some more volunteers to turn the compost at Garden & Gather and Communal Crew Sundays.
  • One or more volunteers to look after the “weed tea” section (again, training is available).
  • Some more people to get involved in community outreach, to encourage local businesses and homes to donate scraps to the compost hub.
  • A budding film director, who is interested in shooting a series of very short clips on different elements of our compost system, for uploading to YouTube as a training resource.
  • Someone who is interested in helping to coordinate the composting activities.

If any of the bullet points above tickle your fancy, or if you have any other ideas (we’re always open to suggestions), then please contact us by email at: wbcompostteam [at] gmail.com (replacing the [at] with @).

We look forward to hearing from you.

King Compost I