Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fundraising and Funds Saving

Over recent weeks our board, the garden organising committee, organisers of the Communal Crew and the Food Forest have developed plans for this year. As well as taking care of our everyday needs like compost, stakes, tools, insurance, security, seeds etc, we're planning a propagation club, the communal crew want to put in a section of berry bushes, we are thinking of a pergola near the shed to provide shade for gardeners and newly grown seedlings, we'd love to put some shade and seating somewhere in the north of the garden and there's more.

When we set about this planning process we expected that the money raised from our contributions would be less than what we need to achieve all our plans. This is absolutely fine, we just need to look to other sources of funds, materials or support to supplement our contributions.

All of us have a part to play helping to bridge this gap so we urge you to put your hand up, to help out, to learn new skills and to lend your energy to grow a better garden. Please have a look at the ideas below and get in touch to let us know what you can help with.

Fundraising - Our fundraising group will do things like:
  • a Bunnings sausage sizzle
  • making coffee, cake and covering the gate at a local Open Garden
  • working on advertising, articles or media contacts
  • applying for grants or approaching businesses for material or financial support

Funds Saving - Our funds saving group will help reduce the amount we need to spend by doing things like:
  • regular pick ups of horse manure and compost, leaves, vege scrap/coffee grounds from local cafes, seaweed from Williamstown beach, other donations/collections
  • brewing seaweed tea
  • ripping hardwood for stakes
  • being a good scrounger for materials for building, edging or nice logs for seating etc.
  • collecting materials to save on delivery costs

All of these roles/teams will have support from our West Brunswick Community Garden Organising Committee and our Moreland Community Gardening Board. No specific skills are required (although if you have experience it's welcome) just willingness!

Please email grow.eat.moreland@gmail.com to tell us your ideas or what you can do. We'll have a Fundraising/Fund Saving group meetings after lunch at the next Garden & Gather on Sunday 24th August.