Monday, September 1, 2014

Communal Crew: Changes to governance and future plans

Recently the West Brunswick Community Garden Organising Committee (WBCGOC - the organising body for the garden) has been concerned about the Communal Crew. We received a few complaints, communication wasn't really happening, there were limited group gardening opportunities available and we felt the beds could be better utilised.

Despite the best efforts of both groups these concerns could not be resolved. As a result, at a meeting on the 14th August the WBCGOC voted to withdraw the delegation of duties and resume running the communal beds through the organising committee. This decision was then ratified by the Moreland Community Gardening Board on the 28th August.

We're all disappointed it hasn't worked out as we had hoped. I'm sure all of our members would like to thank those who have been leading the seed raising, planting and working bees over the last 6 months, their efforts have been appreciated.

What will this change mean? We expect to organise and schedule more events each month for our communal growers and to keep members more informed of the activities happening in the communal beds and what you can do to help. There will be more opportunities for consultation and a wider group of people 'doing things' around the garden.

Some of the activities include:
  • A regular 'harvest' as part of working bee's so those working take home some yummy food
  • A "what's happening in the CC beds" each month in the newsletter
  • More ways each month for people to connect with the CC
  • A program of hands-on learning activities in the communal beds
We'd love to hear from you on this. If you have any strong feelings about the future of the communal beds or you have something to offer in terms of experience to share, organisation skills or time please let us know at

If you would like more details of how this change was handled please get in touch by emailing the same address.