Wednesday, September 24, 2014

West Brunswick Community Garden Plotter Profile No. 1

Barış, gardener, carpenter and WBCG'er
Barış (pronounced 'Barish') is originally from Turkey. He first met with gardening through his grandfather, who had a vegetable garden as large as the whole WBCG space.

Barış's passion for gardening, and the limited space to grow anything at home led him to join the WBCG in October 2013. He wished to share the experience of gardening with others. He also has a thirst for knowledge, and wanted to learn by doing, and by talking with other gardeners, rather than trawling through books and surfing the Internet. 

He has since created his very elaborate and densely planted plot. He has used a lot of recycled materials rescued from worksites where he has been employed as a carpenter. His prized plants include rescued commercial silverbeet (it was meant to be spinach but grew into silverbeet instead), mizuna, celery, marigolds, parsley, and cauliflowers that refuse to produce because they were planted too late in the season. Barış also saves seeds from his plants, and will soon collect the seeds from his mizuna, which is flowering now.
Barış's plot with his propagation boxes made of old milk bottles
His plot also includes his interesting array of hanging propagation boxes, which are fashioned from milk bottles. They were inspired by a photo that his friend emailed him as a space-saving idea.

Barış suggests for anyone who is interested in getting into gardening to start with flowers. Flowers may not be edible (although many varieties are, as Barış pointed out), but flowers are easy to grow. As the flowers come to bloom, gardening-newbies will be encouraged by watching nature take its course.

Interview and words by Monique Miller