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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Christmas presents with a kick

Who doesn't love a baby wearing a gangsta related
 community gardening onesey
For the compost king or queen in your life

It's coming up to that time of year when you might be looking for different pressies and we've got a few things you might be interested in.

Why wouldn't you buy from this selection of community garden and food related goodies? Apart from the shear quality a portion of what you pay will go to keeping our garden growing (that's the kicker)!

Pick a design then apply it to a range of long or short sleeved t-shirt styles, hoodies, kid and baby clothes with heaps of different colours available. We have tote bags, cards and other items with an exclusive veggie design courtesy of Julia. You can even create an iPhone case like no other you've ever seen!

Head over to our Red Bubble shop where you can buy as many as you like safe in the knowledge that you are Doing Something Good. Guaranteed.

Open edible garden this weekend (Heidelberg West)

If you're free this weekend......

From Karen Sutherland

You may be interested in an edible garden I have designed opening to the public this weekend, 10-5 each day.

It's opening with other gardens as a fund raiser for Kew Rotary, 'Garden DesignFest'

This garden at 6 Lae Street Heidelberg West is based around edible and useful plants, so I thought you may be interested to see it.

I'll be there all weekend chatting to visitors and hopefully inspiring them to include more edible (and beautiful!) plants in their gardens!

You can read about the garden here

Hope to see some of you there!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Melbourne Cup Tomatoes

What is it about Melbourne Cup Day and tomatoes?

Well according to the locals, it's traditional to get your hands in the soil and plant out tomato seedlings on Melbourne Cup Day.

Whether or not this is true, having a midweek public holiday is a great excuse to get out in the garden.

It certainly is tomato planting season, as the earth warms up and winter veggies around the plots and communal beds go to seed.

Here are a few tips about tomatoes and also the all-important trellising of them. 

Planting: 40-60cm apart. Plant when seedlings are >10cm tall for best results.

If the soil stays soggy where you want to plant, build a raised bed.

Soil: Tomatoes like a pH of 5.5 - 6.8. They prefer well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. 

Companion planting: Good with - Parsley, basil, marigold, nettles, carrots, asparagus, chives, roses, onion, nasturtium and garlic.

Not friends with: Corn, potatoes, apricot trees

Trellising: Remember that the aim of trellising is to create airflow around the tomatoes, to help protect against fungal infections. You can invent any way that works for you. Check out these creative ideas from plotters at the West Brunswick Community Garden...