Sunday, March 1, 2015

What's Harvesting at the WBCG?

Good question! With that first delicious dew of the season on the 27th, Autumn is just around the corner, and high-summer crops are seeing their end. We are just now farewelling the tomatoes, witnessing the demise of our zucchini crops to the wiles of powdery mildew and the hardening-off of our corn.

Bush beans
Amaranth and companion flowers
What's on offer now to the seasonal gardener are festoons of chilli, capsicum, bush beans, and amaranth.

Pumpkins...perhaps Jap?
We've also got pumpkins peeking through the understory (although with the rate that they are growth, glaring might be a more appropriate verb).

Then there are also the eggplants of various shapes and sizes bejewelling the plots of plotters and the garden beds of the communal crew.

Last but not least - and in a few weeks, mind - we'll welcome the coveted mouth-puckering freshness of the Tomatillo (see below).