Sunday, May 24, 2015

May Garden and Gather

Our wonderful worms in our black-gold
 In glorious sunny weather, a group got together to sort through a small list of to-do's.

On the list was regular compost turning, weeding (this is a perennial task!), finding and shaping the paths around the communal beds and mulching around personal plots.We also got to oiling our beautiful benches that have become a feature of our gorgeous communal working-bee lunches.
Pepino fruit
We factored in a new feature - a final 'ooh-aah' walk at the end of the day, which entails walking around, taking in the sights of all that has been accomplished throughout the day.
Great weather and great benches!
Lunch was a feast of home cooked and carefully transported delights. We also shared some pepino fruit from plot holders Eli and Enda.
Everyone took home newly harvested lettuce, tomatillos, pumpkins, left overs from lunch and chillies and lemons from Richard. The next G&G is June 28th, 11-3pm.
One of our communal-garden-grown pumpkin.