Friday, July 10, 2015

Seed saving group starting at West Brunswick Community Garden

We've started a seed bank and seed saving group at the West Brunswick Community Garden and you're invited to join.

We are looking at saving and stocking locally grown and heritage seeds for the use of the garden and members. Seeds from plants grown in the garden or in the area can be kept for growing more plants next season.

Although seeds come at any time to the garden through member's donations or Communal Crew gardening, the seed saving group meets during the second Sunday of every month at the WBCG, during the communal working bee. On this day, we collect seeds if available, process them and pack them, and check the stock. Activities might include seasonal sowing.

Seed saving is a restful and meditative group activity, where we learn about self-sufficiency and chat around a cup of tea while our hands are busy. Anyone can join the group for updates and participate as much as they want, even dropping in during Communal Crew.

If you or someone you know saves seeds or would like to learn how, why not join the group? You can send us emails on and join the email list to stay in touch.

We will be setting up a facebook group sometimes soon but if you are not on facebook and wish to receive email updates, let us know on the email address above.

Talk to you soon,

- Juliette from the Seed Savers Group